Monday, July 29, 2013

Harper is about to turn 3

 Where has the time gone!?!  No more baby in my house.  Harper turns three on Friday.  She is my precious baby girl.  This one is truly the center of attention.  She loves all eyes on her, unless she is in trouble, then she hides behind my leg.  She knows knows she can get away with anything because there is ALWAYS one person in the family laughing at her.  She is a little sponge right now and will be starting preschool at the end of August.  She can almost spell her whole name and can write her H and A.  If asked she will tell you that she will be 3 in August and if you ask her when she will tell you August 2nd.  She loves counting to ten and telling her colors (even though she is only 75% correct).  She loves playing games on the iPad and claims it as her own.  She is my little shadow all day long but as soon as daddy shows up she is all about him.  She is in her own bed at night but one of us always lies down with her until she falls asleep.  She is a great eater and is my only veggie eater.  She loves to eat all day, her favorites are cheese sticks and fruit chews.  Harper is a great talker and 90% is understandable.  She is my little dare devil and is not afraid of doing anything once.  She loves her Grace and when mom and dad is not around Grace becomes the little mommy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Fans at Soccer

The girls had special guest all the way from South Carolina. Aunt KK, Hudson and Tyler all came to watch the girls play a game. It warmed my heart to see my girls light up when they saw them. Such a fun surprise.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Eye

The Sunday of the morning we left for the beach we had been at church. Chad and I were working at the new sign in system when a volunteer came and told me that Grace had an accident. I looked down and their was already a big bump under her eye.
The story is she was about to pull the handle to come inside from the playground and a little boy was running to go outside. The door hit her in the eye and knocked her backwards. She was upset...from the pain and embarrassment. The little boy came and found her after the service and apologized.
The same week we had two different friends loss their children. A two year old to cancer and a seven year old to mito. A black eye is nothing compared to what those two families had to go through.
Right after it happened
Day Two
Day three
Day Four
I could of continued the pictures. It lasted for awhile.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Love them!

Love these three girls!
Promise to catch up on post soon!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Third tooth falls out

Gracie's third tooth fell out at soccer tonight. It was actually kind of funny. She fell over a ball and landed with her face against a soccer ball. She kind of held her mouth for a second but then continued to play. A few minutes later she ran over to my chair to get water and her tooth popped out while she was running.
And you can tell from the picture below that she has now lost three teeth but she only has space for two to come in. I see an orthodontis in our future.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Harper Day

The first day off for Spring Break was a Friday. Grace and Olivia got invited to a play date and that left just Harper and I for a few hours. After seeing Harper's love for animals I decided to take her to the Yellow River Game Ranch. I am so glad I did. She was so cute and so excited the whole time. Sweet moments just the two of us.
She wanted to feed before she had no fear. She even had squirrels eating out of her hands. Maybe she will be the animal whisper one day. ;-)

Disney on Ice

Grace and Olivia both received tickets for Disney on Ice for their birthdays. The girls were so excited to go but a little confused. One night (just a few days before the event) Grace got up after put to bed. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that she didn't know how to skate, she was afraid to go. HAHAHA, it makes you wonder what goes through their minds all the time.
Popcorn, Cotton Candy, lights, Mickey and was a magical night!